Last Day

Here we are, the last days of this school year.  At the beginning of this school year, I photographed the relatively empty, calm, and uncluttered space.  I wrote about the possibility that is held in the space of a classroom at the beginning of a school year.  What to say about the last days?  I hope the photos below from our last busy days together tell the story.

Some of the things I see are students who own this space.  They are incredibly comfortable and confident.  The student’s work, artifacts, thinking, and ideas are everywhere- sometimes, literally spilling across the floor.  The walls and boards are in that in-between state of being taken down and still being filled with last-minute ideas, actions, and questions.  There are students working on projects while the walls around them are wiped clean for the next year.  Such a funny time.

The head of Primary School where I work always wisely reminds us that just as we ease into a new school year, we must also ease out of an old one.  Looking back, I’m not sure if that easing out is evident in the photographs, but I am sure the students and I can feel it.






All the best to you in your Last Days!

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